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A brand new way to share your digital photos.
Sharing pictures on the web made simple!
Pyzaz is an all-in-one tool for creating albums of your photographs in World Wide Web page format. You may keep your photo albums on your personal computer, or you may use Pyzaz's built-in connectivity to share your albums with the world by placing them on a World Wide Web server.

Creating an album with Pyzaz is simple - simply drag photographs onto the Pyzaz application window, give the album a title, and you are ready!

Of course, you can customize your album pages by adding subtitles and captions.  You can stylize your pages by selecting custom colors and type faces.

Each album that Pyzaz creates for you will have a set of index pages containing reduced size "thumbnail" copies of your photos, plus an individual page for each of your photos.  You can select the size of the thumbnails and the size of the individual photos. The pages are all neatly linked together so that you can navigate around the album easily.

You can also choose to have your original full-size photographs included in the album. This allows you to browse through photographs that are of a size that is convenient, then selectively view the original images as you desire.

If you have an internet account, chances are that you already have space on your internet service provider's ("ISP") equipment. All you need to do to publish your photo albums is to tell Pyzaz about your internet service, then click the "Upload Website" button.

Sharing pictures on the web made simple!

The current release version is 12.00

Click here to download. Save the installation program in a temporary directory and open it, or simply open it directly from the Pyzaz website.